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For the Record - iconic moments can be recreated 

 Fantastic feats, remarkable records, incredible incident or even hilarious mishaps - many clubs have legendary or iconic moments which are recounted again and again in conversation and become part of the club's heritage. Allow us to recreate those moments in art for your Club.  

The example above is a recreation of a memorable moment involving Arnold Palmer trailing by seven heading into the final round of the 1960 U.S. Open.  Palmer pulled the persimmon wood out on the first tee box of the downhill, 341-yard hole and drove the green. He made birdie and his greatest comeback was underway. He shot 65 to leapfrog a young amateur named Jack Nicklaus and a legend named Ben Hogan, to win the title.

No actual photographs of that iconic moment exist however this painting, by Jon Crocker, recreates the scene.

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